Digital Marketing Strategies for Restaurant

Who said establishing a restaurant is a painless job? You require time, effort, capital, and of course, some excellent digital marketing strategies.

If you have managed to open a restaurant by investing your time, struggle, and capital, it is high time to take out some minutes and read this guide about digital marketing strategies for your restaurant. So let’s read ahead.

1 . Work on reviews

The very first thing that comes to our mind when we try to find out about restaurants is to read the reviews. Reviews say a lot about the restaurant’s service. and cuisine. The review system not just tells us if a restaurant is worth trying but also if the food and service are good or not.

Be it about services, food, ambiance, or how the staff treats you, everything can be

figured out by reading a review. Thus, you need to ensure that your reviews are on the positive side. Your reviews should speak about your services. Try to encourage customers to give you a good rating. To make it better, you should sign up for all the leading review platforms and try to convince the customers to leave a rating there.

Online food delivery companies such as Zomato, and Swiggy play a significant role in reviews. Ensure you cover up that area as well.

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2. Go vocal for local SEO

Local SEO plays a vital role when it comes to digital marketing strategies for a restaurant. If you are craving to get customers in your seats, SEO is important. It is all about getting customers organically to your website.

If you are unsure of how it works, then let us make it easier with an example. If you are craving for a specific cuisine restaurant, let’s say for Chinese cuisine, you would search “Chinese restaurant near me”, and the results will show up.

Now whether your name would be there or not will depend on your SEO rating. To keep your SEO on track, you need to make sure that you- Create a blog as a part of your website with loads of content targeting the Keywords. Guest posting on other blogs. Every single page of your website should target the right keywords and must have pictures, videos, on-page SEO, etc.

Use internal links and external links while writing content on your website.

Keep your contact information listed on various pages.

You can keep repeating these on your own or hire an SEO specialist for providing you with the same.

3. Make a professional website

No matter how commercial a place you have chosen for building up your restaurant, you still need to make it online.

Your website will speak about your services. Hence, you need to keep your website from a basic one to a professional one. It should be functional and must have a user-friendly

Interface. Anyone who visits your website should easily navigate to the pages such as a menu, address, blog, and hours of operation.

Ensure that you also make it a mobile-optimized one. Once you have it all, ensure that you spend some money on a professional photoshoot of your restaurant’s ambiance, food, and staff. List them all on your website.

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4. Optimise your Google My Business profile

Google My business is an absolute winner for attracting people to your restaurant.

Ensure that you list your business there and provide as much information as you can. It is going to be useful for your business as well as for the customers. Make sure that your business is listed in Google My Business.

5. Work on social media followers

Now that you have made a website, it’s high time to make a social media profile. Create your profile on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Once you make your profile, be regular in posting content.

Keep your profile up to date with regular content. Ensure you keep it engaging and attractive. the hack is, your content should provide value to the customers. The more you do it, the more you gain followers. However, you must use both, free and paid

advertising campaigns. You can either run ads on your own by targeting audience, country, age group, gender, and interests.

Also, ensure that you do not buy fake likes or followers as it will drop your organic reach.

Also, keep conducting giveaways and competitions in which you keep encouraging your followers with prizes and hampers.

6. Encourage people to share photos on Instagram

As said above, social media has driven our generation crazy. If it is there, it has to be on Instagram. Thus, you need to encourage people to post a picture of your restaurant and tag you.

For doing that, you can encourage them with a program that says “Tag us on Instagram and win 10% off on your next visit.” It will surely encourage people to tag you by posting more and more pictures.

Pro tip- While making your restaurant, ensure that you keep the ambiance very creative and fun. It should carry that vibe that makes the customer click there.

7. Keep the booking easy

When a customer wants to book a table, you need to make it an easy job for everyone.

You need to make it possible by providing different modes for the same.

If they want to book it online, there should be a button on your website from where they can book a table with minimum information. And for people who are not comfortable with booking online, there should be a contact number from which they can directly book it within a minute.

8. Implement email marketing

You must create and maintain a detailed customer database for your customers. If you have that, you are good to go with email marketing. When they share their contact details, address, and email address, you can create a database of it and send them marketing emails.

Email marketing is all about creating a promotional email campaign in which they offer discounts, deals, and much more to the customer that may grab their attention for a while.

9. Limited menu and offers

Instead of those regular menus and deals going on, you should keep introducing something new. You can create a limited-time menu offer in which you are going to offer some of your best-selling items for a limited time every day.

It will make the customer interested and excited to grab the offer or deal before anyone else. You can also conduct offers and keep changing the menu to keep it interesting.

10. Offer regular discounts

Offering discounts could be a great marketing strategy for your restaurant. Especially if it is new, you must encourage the customers to sign up for the newsletter and offer discounts for the same.

You can also ask them to share their feedback in exchange for some food coupons and deals on their next visit. Additionally, adding things such as by one get one, by 2, get 50% off will also help you in more orders.

Wrapping up,

So these were the top most digital marketing strategies for a restaurant. If you are a new business in this industry, try these strategies and take your business to heights. If you have any questions or feedback for the same, please comment and share.

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