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11 Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

Looking for some best digital marketing strategies for real estate? If yes, then refer to this guide that is written after some market research and past experience. 

Who is your target audience?

One of the main Digital Marketing Strategies, you need to know your target audience first. Since this is an area where budgeting plays a huge role, you do not have a window to waste your money on everyone and thus, knowing the target audience is important.

Your audience can be anyone but surely not everyone. In general, most of your potential clients will come from NRI, govt job employee, and from well-to-do family background only. if we talk about buyers, there will be some who wants to immediately sell their properties right now and to those, you need to give your 80% of focus. Some will be the those who wants to sell their property in next 8-12 months and the another 15% focus would be gone there. So what about the remaining 5%? This will go to those who have some property in hand but will take around 2-5 years to sell it. In real estate, most of the clients will find you but the problem arises how do they find you? And for which, you will require to market your services in a way that people can easily find you. and for the same, we have already have our best marketing strategies to establish your business.

  1. Create a website 

The very first yet crucial step for any digital marketing strategy is to establish yourself online. The way you take a place offline to start your office, you need to take some place online and start a website. The website will be the main hub for your clients, leads. Thus, it is vital to have a website. But what kind of website should you have? 

Your website should be highly responsive and shouldn’t hang. The main idea behind your website is to make it very easy to use for everyone. your clients might not have a strong technical background and that’s why, we recommend making it very simple, yet creative. Since it is not a basic one, you need to show your work, projects, etc. so it should be made in a creative manner but shouldn’t be too complicated.

Also, the response rate of your website should be good and it should be mobile friendly too. The website should also be mobile friendly because nobody has time to go to the laptop and open a website. For a quick check, your clients might check it via their smartphones only and thus, you need to make it smart phone friendly. Also have a bot on your website who will take care of everything before they transfer it to a human. For basic information, having a bot would work.

  1. Open a blog

Your website may face some hard time in ranking but if you have a blog section, you will get help in getting it ranked. Open a blog section in your website and update them frequently. But how to write a blog and how to know what to write about? So here are some tips that you should know before you start a blog in your website.

  • Make sure that your articles are informative- Information is the key. You must create user friendly content and engage your readers in such way that the return rate would be high. Your readers should find the information out of the blogs that you make and that should be your idea behind the blogs.
  • Focus on right keyword- You need to make sure that you’re doing some keyword research before writing the content in it. Do not write about anything randomly. You should focus on the keywords and for the keyword research, you can either take help from the tools such as AHREFS or consult a SEO specialist. 
  • Do not copy it- The main point other than making it informative is to keep the articles unique. If you do not want Google to penalize you, you need to make the content worth reading and 100% unique. 
  1. SEO- General and local

Since the line is real estate, your clients can be anyone and everyone. They can be living far away from you or in the same locality as well. Thus, you need to have the both, general and local SEO. For getting the search engine optimization of your website, you need to connect to someone who is in this field. But what’s the need of SEO in real estate?

Well, when someone wants to search about the best property dealer of any specific area, how do Google recommend anyone? Google do their ranking on the basis of the SEO. And thus, you need to get the SEO done of your website. But the process is not immediate and will take long time. Thus, you need to be patient enough.

  1. Choose your own platform

There are n number of platform available for the marketing purpose. And you need to know which one is for you. Having said that, you need to decide it in terms of the one giving the best ROI. There are many platforms such as-

  • Facebook- Facebook is the leading one for both, personal use and for your brand building as well. There are millions of users already using it. this platform can happily introduce you to many people who is looking to buy or sell property. In fact, there are many such groups available too that serves the same. You can create a campaign via your Facebook business page, your group or by listing a property.
  • If you have witnessed, there’s a new section available in the Facebook where one can list the properties. You can also take a help of that. If you list your property there from an account, you will be getting the leads directly to you via Facebook. Anyone interested can easily connect you via your contact details or by sending a simple message. 
  • Instagram- Instagram does not come with a separate section like Facebook has. However, you can still make the most of it by making an account there. Although most of the youth has shifted to Instagram, you can simply create a page, upload pictures and get started. You can also run ads and promote them for more reach. The best way to make it appear on most of the searches is to use the right hashtag such as #Forsale, #JustListed, #JustSold, #HouseHunting.
  • Twitter and LinkedIn- Twitter may not work for you if you use it for posting new content. However, if you’re using it for posting the link of the post of your Facebook and Twitter, then it is worth using for sure. Also, you can target some effective hashtags that would add up in the reach of your post. Talking about LinkedIn, this one is highly effective when it comes to real estate market. You can build your own community there where you can talk about your work, success stories, social proof and network. It will surely aid up in branding.
  1. Email campaign

Email campaign is going to be beneficial to engage with the leads. This works two way, one by targeting the leads that can be your client and the other one is by engaging with the past clients so that they refer you to others and consider you next time while buying the property.

This works really well. For this, you need to have the email campaign by mailing your visitors, target leads, previous clients, current clients. However, it is not basic and simple. All these emails will not be the same at all. You need to have a different one for every set and to make it personalize, there are many tools available in the market that are very affordable. You can take a help of them and get started. Also, do not forget mailing your current clients too. You can make the emails worth reading by adding some deals and offers along with the facts.

  1. Educate your clients

You need to make sure that you’re not just selling property for the sake of selling. You need to make sure that you educate your client about the property, location and things that may look fascinating to them. Especially if they’re the buyers, you need to convince them by showing them some facts. You can discuss the major real estate pitfalls that would help the buyer in buying the property or talk about the experience and major goals. This can be done either by having the blog as said above or via your automated emails so that the buyer can get impressed. It is a vital step for a trust building relationship.

  1. Virtual tour of sites

Can you buy something without seeing or trying? Of course no. So how do you expect others to do the same? It is not possible to visit the site personally at a first instance only. Some of your clients may live far away from you and in such situations, you can not show them the site. Also, when it is about a project that isn’t built yet, it is impossible to have the visual of the same.

But at the same time, when you think from the client’s perspective, you can not invest in something that you haven’t seen yet and thus, you need to make the virtual tour of the sites to your potential clients. For this, you need to have someone well versed in technical background or you can show it via a tool as well. Although it can be little expensive, it is important. While convincing any client for a project, you need to show them how would the property look. But since most of the virtual tour happens after locking the deal almost 75%, you do not need to worry about extra efforts. However, you need to be prepared for this option as well.

  1. Register on various websites

How long can you rely on one source? If you’re into the real estate for full time, you need to open all the gates for you and thus, you need to make sure that you also register on websites that sells and buys property. There are n number of such websites available and even now, most of the people prefer using those websites for buying or selling their properties.

Since they are into the field since long and has build a reputation, their worthiness is far more than any of the new start up due to which their traffic would be 10 times more than yours. Thus, the idea should be to get registered, fetch leads, take projects and divert those clients to your website. If you give them a valuable experience once, they would be more than happy to contact you personally next time. 

Additionally, ensure that you are not relying on one or two websites. Make a proper research and get the list of all such real estate websites and select multiple websites in which you should register. However, keep your R and D strong while making research because their reputation would also matter to your business then.

  1. Classified ads

Remember those days when buying and selling was done via the classified section available at your local newspaper everyday? It is still a thing and many people still prefer using these methods only. But how to digitalize it? For that, you can use the classified ad feature that are available in online newspapers and websites. You can take a help of these and get some good amount of leads.

Other than that, you can also get listed on local offline newspaper and share the URL of your website so that the customers can keep coming to your website and connect with you. if not the URL, then you can also get this done via your contact details too. This would surely be a worth doing decision. This will also work for making your offline market online through an easy step too. 

  1. Make professional emails 

If you’re using your regular email address for your business purpose, then stop doing it and buy the professional email service from any website. There are plenty of such websites who serves these. The one from which you’ve taken your hosting and domain can make this work easier for you if you take the professional email service from them.

By taking it, your email will look like and this is going to be worth doing step. Instead of having the gmail, you will have your own domain’s name that does not only look professional but also plays a vital role in marketing part. If you have a team of people as well, you can get them all an email featuring your business. 

  1. WhatsApp 

The usage of WhatsApp has increased rapidly. Most of the people use WhatsApp as their messenger app and due to that, if you add the WhatsApp chat option on your website, it makes it easier for people to chat with you. All you have to do is to add your WhatsApp business account to your website so that once you get a potential client, they can directly connect with you over WhatsApp via the easy link. It will not only work well for your clients but for you as well as you do not need to manage them from different modes. This would surely help.

Wrapping up,

It was all about the marketing strategies that you need to know for your real estate business. If you want to know more about it, stay tuned with our website and keep surfing new content that we make exclusively for our readers.