digital marketing strategies for photographers

Digital marketing strategies for photographers

Are you a photographer looking to expand your business? If yes, then you have landed on the right page here, we are going to discuss digital marketing strategies for photographers. Most photographers struggle when it comes to marketing their business due to many factors. But the most often factor we have found is the lack of knowledge. 

Budget can be secondary but if you have the right knowledge, you can still market your product efficiently. Let us know how.

Here are some Digital Marketing Strategies for Photographers

Who to target?

The main question is who is your targeted audience? So it completely depends on the type of photographer you’re. although if you’re a photographer, you must be able to click every type of picture. However, if there are one or more niches in which you specialize in, then you need to market that niche more, and accordingly, you will get the clients. But even in general, your target audience is completely driven by the occasion. If it is the wedding season, you would get the clients for the pre-wedding shoot and the wedding shoot whereas the birthday, portfolio making, and other events would take place all over the year. So the target market is broad here. But like said above, if you have a specialization into something specific, the market can be shortened. But it is a must to target models, magazines, and young couples who are likely to get married. 

1.Focus on a niche market

For a photographer, it is necessary to focus on a niche market. If you’re already making a good amount of $$$, then it is possible to cover up all the segments. However, if you’re not making enough as of now, extending your budget will be a loss for you. Thus, you need to focus on niche marketing which can also be referred to as targeting marketing to get a good number of returns on your investments. Instead of covering everything, you should be able to concentrate on a defined niche that will get you better returns. Now, most of the people would think that why not to cover all the people so that at least some can be generated in leads? However, if you’re focusing on a set of people, then you will be able to develop an understanding of your customer. Also, the more you target, the less you get. And having a specialization will be better as people prefer those who come with a specialization. If you’re into something in which you specialize, you’re anyway going to be preferred over others. 

2.Know your audience 

Knowing your audience will make you understand about their problems and then you can offer them a solution in a better way. If you don’t understand the problem of your audience, you won’t be able to solve it. Thus, understanding the requirements will be beneficial for you. In most of the cases, you will be asked to do a couple of pre-wedding shoots, children’s birthday shoots, or any other kind of shoot that you specialize in. But with that, the client will have some expectations with you that you would understand their requirements better. And if you’ve studied your audience well, you would know what do they specialize in. 

3.Make a portfolio website

How do I know your work? Where can I see it? do I really need to contact you for seeing your samples? Can’t see it before connecting with you so that I can be more productive about this? These are the questions that may be asked by your clients. And to answer them, all you need to do is to make a portfolio website. It is vital for a photographer to have a portfolio and to show it to the world, you must make your own website that can also save your content from copyright issues. And your website should be very simple and straightforward and should contain your previously done work. You must understand that your website is basically the book from which the client will judge you and thus, it should be full of creativity and content. You must make some pages such as about us, gallery, why to choose us, contact us, etc. and in these pages, the content should be written in such way that more and more users can connect with it. Ensure that you publish your best work in the website so that people can know your work well. Also, make sure that you write catchy lines and content that states your services.

4.Add a call to action

Now that you have made a website, it’s time to add a call to action to it. Having said that, it could either be a button, a link or a graphic that could redirect your visitor to the desired option. It is indeed an important task for anyone who wants to generate leads. And that particular button or link should be in a such color that it looks different than the other texts available. You have often seen a button that says get a free guide, download a price list, request a callback, subscribe for updates or book now. These are basically the call-to-action button that you require for your business. Since your niche is photography, you can add request a callback or book an appointment that would be a great help for your business.

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5.Add a blog 

If you’ve already done with the website, it’s time to add a blog to it. But why blog? If you’re from a non-technical background, you will often ask this question to yourself that why blog? So, the basic answer for that is the fact that it helps in SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is very beneficial and necessary to rank your website on Google. If you want Google to recommend you or to bring you at first place, you must take the help of SEO. While writing the blogs, the topics should be your targeted keywords that you have searched as per the trend. If you don’t know how to do it, you can take the help of any SEO specialist too who will make the task easy for you. Other than this, your main aim with the topics should be to provide informative blogs that solve the issue. 

6.Organize a workshop

Traditional workshops were all about offline classes where you ask people to join you at your place for the same. However, the time has changed and the workshops are being conducted online as well. If you’re a photographer who wants to promote his services, you must conduct timely workshops to people. It can either be free or paid as per convenience. However, first, we would recommend you to invite people and give them a free workshop so that they can see if it is worth joining or not. Once you have promoted it enough, you can start conducting the paid ones. 

7.Video tutorials 

What else can be done other than workshops? Workshops require time and effort. You can not conduct it anytime and every time. So, what can be your content? You must start making video tutorials and make people know how to do it. It is required to show people that you actually have prior knowledge before you make them your clients. You can keep adding video tutorials and share them so that your visitors would find it knowledgeable. Ensure that you provide enough content but don’t overdo it.

8.Make an Instagram Profile

We have told you to about conducting a workshop, and uploading videos but where? Where can these things be done? For uploading them all, you need to have your own Instagram account which should all about be photography. There, you can keep adding static pictures clicked by you, video tutorials that are informative along with reels. You can also use the IGTV section for your long videos. Keep adding content there to make it look engaging and productive. And if you’re regular in posting content, then you must run ads too so that you can gain more followers and likes on your post. It is a must-have thing for any business as the more number of followers you have, the more trusted you become. And never get fake likes or followers as it will damage your organic reach. 


Pinterest is a place that is mainly famous for pictures and being a photographer, the chances of promoting your business increase. This platform could be a game changer for you because most of people search pictures and content on Pinterest only. But how to make it work for you? You can create your own account there with pictures that has a copyright on it so that nobody else can use it. You can add your own watermark which could also do an indirect marketing for you.

11.Facebook groups

There are loads of Facebook groups available for photography. You can join those groups and promote your business there. Some of the groups are only of showing your skills while others are for getting the leads. You can join both of them and use them as per your requirements. We also recommend you to join groups that are not about photography but of a city. People often post their requirements there and you can find some leads for sure. 

12.Google my business

Lastly, if you’re done with everything else, and forgot about your GMB listing, then you are going to lack behind. Yes, if you’re a business searching for clients, you need to register it on Google my business listing so that Google can tell people about your business when they search terms like best photographer in the city, photographers near me, and etc. You must make sure that you’re a verified business with all the information so that people can find an ease in finding you or contacting you. You must locate your office address, contact details, opening and closing hours and any other info if required. Other than that, you also should list yourself on websites such as Sulekha and JustDial so that people can find you from there itself. 

13.Guest posting

You must have seen articles such as best photographers of this city, that city on Google. Or articles that consists information about a start up. If a business is new, then people pay for getting featured in such articles. And if you’re looking for leads and a verification, it is a must to get your name listed in different articles, on different websites. 

Wrapping up,

These are just some of the easiest digital marketing strategies for photographers.

These all are the verified online marketing strategies via which one can for sure get their photography business boosted. If you want to know more, stay tuned with this article and comment down and let us know if we have missed a point. 

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